folk punk is dead. d-e-d dead.

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Liz Phair

Exile in Guyville


Girls! Girls! Girls! by Liz Phair

make me stop.


Liz Phair

Exile in Guyville


liz phair | flower

every time i see your face / i think of things unpure, unchaste


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Fuck and Run

Liz Phair

Exile in Guyville


fuck and run // liz phair

i can feel it in my bones
i’m gonna spend another year alone
it’s fuck and run, fuck and run

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Seconding the opinion that the SWT Going to Georgia is better than the original. Sue me.

I can’t afford a lawyer, but I do appreciate your kind words!

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I still think your version of "Going to Georgia" is better.

I still think you are wrong.

P.S. Soupy from the Wonder Years covered it on his new solo record, and I lowkey think it could use some violin from my best friend.

fire up the batmobile

liz phair


liz phair- fire up the batmobile

Liz Phair is my numbie one top Non-Guilty Pleasure and everything she does is great

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aside from you looking cute in your selfie, i noticed your modern baseball shirt so i must add. modern baseball>>> ok. that is all.

One of my favorite bands! Can’t wait to see them in San Diego.


Feelin&#8217; cute so I took a selfie.

Feelin’ cute so I took a selfie.

My friend keeps posting J-punk and I keep on liking it